Sunday, February 28, 2010

La La La la la laaaaaaaaa!!!

I amaze myself every day :)

#1. So my youth group at St. Mary's had an all night prayer vigil (we took shifts). My friend Fiona and I took the 1-2am shift so we could sleep till breakfast the next morning. While setting up our sleeping bags we found that the floor was very uncomfortable... so we were given air mattresses. One problem... the pump was broken :P FAIL! Our friend Simon said that we could pump them up by mouth but it would take all night...and so to prove him wrong we pumped them up BY MOUTH! It took about... 10 minutes + some additional time for hysterical laughing :) HARDCORE!!!!! I was totally impressed at my lung power!

#2. We finally got SNOW!!! We got more snow in the past 3 days then we have all winter... LOL! I guess the groundhog was right! So I shoveled/snowblowed all the snow in our VERY long driveway and walkway in about an hour while my parental unit gallivanted at the grocery store. Yes, little petite moi 5'2 and around 112 pounds used a snowblower and shoveled around 2-3 inches of snow :) The people driving past must have thought I was nuts!

Yes that is my mom in the Bright Orange hunting coat!! Here's a funny story about it:

So after the vigil, Fiona and I called our parents to pick us up. My converstation went something like this:

Me: Pick up the phone!!!!
Dad: Hello?
Me: Are you here???
Dad: YES!... NO! I'm home....
Me: Oh... well can you pick me up?
Dad: I suppose so.....
Me: Ok... see you soon.

Well we live about 5 minutes away from St. Mary's..... about 20 minutes after the phone call we were still waiting outside the church for my parents. About 2 intersections away from the church I noticed a silver van with a blue license plate stopped at the light. Within the van was a VERY BRIGHT ORANGE BLURR!!!! I could not stop laughing!!! My mom's coat was bright enough to be seen with a tinted window van about 10 blocks are more away from the church!!
ROFL! Fiona and I were still laughing by the time they pulled up to the curb and I told my mom that people in California were wondering what the bright orange dot was in the north!

*sigh* OK back on topic:

#3. I got my 1st module back for Gr. 10 Math... 96% :) I had two small mistakes in my assignment so I got 50/52 points. In my test I had 1 mistake... 27/28 points. Yippie! Hopefullu this will keep up throughout the semester!

#4. I have successfully grown my nails :) They are now longer than my mom's!!! She's very surprised!!!

#5. I managed to sing in front of people on Friday and Saturday without:

  • Fainting
  • Bursting into tears
  • Forgetting the words (well... I forgot the title of my Broadway song...)
  • Forgetting to smile
  • Forgetting to be expressive
  • Forgetting to breathe
Here is an outline of what I did: Blue is what I'm thinking, Pink is me talking.

Friday Feb. 26, 3:20ish PM: Broadway Class

Walk up and introduce myself.

"Hi My name is Becky Bloom" Ok good I remembered my name... what is the name of the song?

"UM... I will be *insert pianist Lois Craig whispering my song title* Far From the Home I Love" (This is from Fiddler on the Roof)

Ok, nod to Lois so she can start. Good ok, breath and sing! OOH Remember to smile!!!

Song is over *insert mad applause* Ok bow; good! Walk over to the side and sit! One down!

Two others sang after me including my best friend Sivi Pradeepan :) She got Silver with 85%, I was tied for bronze with 84%!

Saturday Feb. 27, 7:55 PM: Rectial Class This is 3 contrasting songs of equal difficulty. I was first up... EEeeek!

Walk up and introduce myself and my 3 songs:

"Hi my name is Becky Bloom. I will be singing I will Make you Brooches, An den Mond, and When Love is Kind". Good I remember the songs!

I will Make you Brooches: Good I remember my constants! Open your mouth on the high note!

An Den Mond (German): YESS!!! I REMEMBERED ALL THE WORDS!!!!! (although apperently my German was incorrect :P I'm supposed to listen to a recording to get correct pronunciation. Well I listened to 5 on Youtube so... hmm?)

When Love is Kind: YESSS! I REMEMBER EXPRESSION!!!! My ah's were open! Hurray... wait I'm done already?

Bow and sit down. At the point my arms felt about 200 pounds heavier and my legs and hands were shaking because of adrenilene!

Rest of the class sang! The last girl messed up so I knew she'd be third but I figured I would be too....

Sivi Pradeepan 1st placeee with 85% YIPPPE!


Cassandra Karvonan and Sabrina Petrie tied for 3rd.

Here are the memorable moments of the festival:

  1. Lois said I was the most improved from rehersal!!!! She marked in her score to be slow so I can breathe and apparently I kept up so well that she had to speed up her playing :) This is good because the singer is suppose to lead the accompanist, not the other way around!
  2. I got SILVER!!! Cassandra (and Sivi) are in the same choir as me, but ever since she got a solo she believes that she's the best. So I don't mean to brag but I'm happy she was put in her place. I didn't have one comment on my technique but she had tons. :)
  3. The other vocal coach kept mouthing the words to all her students :P CHEEEAATTING!!!! None of her students did really good either ....

OK so that's it for me!!! All of Young Singers competes on Sun. March 7th at the Festival.


Charlene said...

Congrats on the bronze & silver!! :o) You rocked.

As for my orange coat the world should be aware 10 blocks here are about 1/2 to one street in Ajax NOT like Toronto. Yep I might be a beacon but @ least we find our cart in the shops

luna pie said...

You know what, you SHOULD amaze yourself, because, guess what??? You ARE amazing!!! Congratulations on your awards. I can SOOOOO empathize with the fear of singing solo in public, and so admire you for being able to do it!!!

Remember the days at singing at the top of our lungs along with the music in the car??? That's where I draw the line :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
Congrats on your 4 songs & good grades.
I enjoy Dan Brown's book's too, including the one you're currently reading.
I enjoyed reading all of your long lists.....I think it's cool you're a list person AND that you're willing to share them.
I remember watching Donnie & Marie when they were young (we're about the same age) and caught their special a few years ago as well. I knew who MOST of your other selections were, which is rather remarkable since I'm not a TV or sports buff.
I agree the Opening at the Olympics was awesome (and the closing showed great penache).
Glad you've got some supportive teachers.
Your hair DOES look nice, even if it wasn't what you were aiming for.
Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Ms Lu

Fiona McHarg said...

ahha good times good times <3