Sunday, February 28, 2010

La La La la la laaaaaaaaa!!!

I amaze myself every day :)

#1. So my youth group at St. Mary's had an all night prayer vigil (we took shifts). My friend Fiona and I took the 1-2am shift so we could sleep till breakfast the next morning. While setting up our sleeping bags we found that the floor was very uncomfortable... so we were given air mattresses. One problem... the pump was broken :P FAIL! Our friend Simon said that we could pump them up by mouth but it would take all night...and so to prove him wrong we pumped them up BY MOUTH! It took about... 10 minutes + some additional time for hysterical laughing :) HARDCORE!!!!! I was totally impressed at my lung power!

#2. We finally got SNOW!!! We got more snow in the past 3 days then we have all winter... LOL! I guess the groundhog was right! So I shoveled/snowblowed all the snow in our VERY long driveway and walkway in about an hour while my parental unit gallivanted at the grocery store. Yes, little petite moi 5'2 and around 112 pounds used a snowblower and shoveled around 2-3 inches of snow :) The people driving past must have thought I was nuts!

Yes that is my mom in the Bright Orange hunting coat!! Here's a funny story about it:

So after the vigil, Fiona and I called our parents to pick us up. My converstation went something like this:

Me: Pick up the phone!!!!
Dad: Hello?
Me: Are you here???
Dad: YES!... NO! I'm home....
Me: Oh... well can you pick me up?
Dad: I suppose so.....
Me: Ok... see you soon.

Well we live about 5 minutes away from St. Mary's..... about 20 minutes after the phone call we were still waiting outside the church for my parents. About 2 intersections away from the church I noticed a silver van with a blue license plate stopped at the light. Within the van was a VERY BRIGHT ORANGE BLURR!!!! I could not stop laughing!!! My mom's coat was bright enough to be seen with a tinted window van about 10 blocks are more away from the church!!
ROFL! Fiona and I were still laughing by the time they pulled up to the curb and I told my mom that people in California were wondering what the bright orange dot was in the north!

*sigh* OK back on topic:

#3. I got my 1st module back for Gr. 10 Math... 96% :) I had two small mistakes in my assignment so I got 50/52 points. In my test I had 1 mistake... 27/28 points. Yippie! Hopefullu this will keep up throughout the semester!

#4. I have successfully grown my nails :) They are now longer than my mom's!!! She's very surprised!!!

#5. I managed to sing in front of people on Friday and Saturday without:

  • Fainting
  • Bursting into tears
  • Forgetting the words (well... I forgot the title of my Broadway song...)
  • Forgetting to smile
  • Forgetting to be expressive
  • Forgetting to breathe
Here is an outline of what I did: Blue is what I'm thinking, Pink is me talking.

Friday Feb. 26, 3:20ish PM: Broadway Class

Walk up and introduce myself.

"Hi My name is Becky Bloom" Ok good I remembered my name... what is the name of the song?

"UM... I will be *insert pianist Lois Craig whispering my song title* Far From the Home I Love" (This is from Fiddler on the Roof)

Ok, nod to Lois so she can start. Good ok, breath and sing! OOH Remember to smile!!!

Song is over *insert mad applause* Ok bow; good! Walk over to the side and sit! One down!

Two others sang after me including my best friend Sivi Pradeepan :) She got Silver with 85%, I was tied for bronze with 84%!

Saturday Feb. 27, 7:55 PM: Rectial Class This is 3 contrasting songs of equal difficulty. I was first up... EEeeek!

Walk up and introduce myself and my 3 songs:

"Hi my name is Becky Bloom. I will be singing I will Make you Brooches, An den Mond, and When Love is Kind". Good I remember the songs!

I will Make you Brooches: Good I remember my constants! Open your mouth on the high note!

An Den Mond (German): YESS!!! I REMEMBERED ALL THE WORDS!!!!! (although apperently my German was incorrect :P I'm supposed to listen to a recording to get correct pronunciation. Well I listened to 5 on Youtube so... hmm?)

When Love is Kind: YESSS! I REMEMBER EXPRESSION!!!! My ah's were open! Hurray... wait I'm done already?

Bow and sit down. At the point my arms felt about 200 pounds heavier and my legs and hands were shaking because of adrenilene!

Rest of the class sang! The last girl messed up so I knew she'd be third but I figured I would be too....

Sivi Pradeepan 1st placeee with 85% YIPPPE!


Cassandra Karvonan and Sabrina Petrie tied for 3rd.

Here are the memorable moments of the festival:

  1. Lois said I was the most improved from rehersal!!!! She marked in her score to be slow so I can breathe and apparently I kept up so well that she had to speed up her playing :) This is good because the singer is suppose to lead the accompanist, not the other way around!
  2. I got SILVER!!! Cassandra (and Sivi) are in the same choir as me, but ever since she got a solo she believes that she's the best. So I don't mean to brag but I'm happy she was put in her place. I didn't have one comment on my technique but she had tons. :)
  3. The other vocal coach kept mouthing the words to all her students :P CHEEEAATTING!!!! None of her students did really good either ....

OK so that's it for me!!! All of Young Singers competes on Sun. March 7th at the Festival.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I finally got my report card in the mail! I mean really... I took the last exam on Feb. 1st and I got my R.C. on the 22 (Monday). Wow 3 whole weeks! Apparently they misplaced some of the proctor forms. A proctor is someone that watches you as you complete the final exam to make sure your not cheating; they have to sign a form to confirm they were your proctor. My first proctor for the Science exam, Mrs. Bulmer (who is now my Math teacher!) looked at every sheet of paper in my notebook to make sure I didn't have anynotes and watched me as I typed my answers! CREEEPER! OMG, she made me really nervous (not that I wasn't already.. I means eeeek! Exams :P)! The other proctors sat beside their computers throughout the whole exam ....

Anyway, so these are the marks for Semester 1 after final exams:

Gr. 10 Civics ~> 95%
Gr. 10 Careers ~> 96%
Gr. 10 Science ~> 86% (I didn't like the exam... I had 91% going into it..)
Gr. 9 Math ~> 87% (OMG I got a higher mark in Math than Science!)
Gr. 11 Parenting ~> 97%!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

If your wondering, Careers and Civics are mandatory half credit courses... they only last half of a semester each.

So all in all, a very successful Semester! Now to tackle Gr. 10 Media Arts, Gr. 10 Math (I have a test tomorrow in it :P), Gr.11 Fashion and Creative Expression (as opposed to Uncreative expression....? We might be having a field trip to the Big TO in March because our teacher has fashion connections!) and Gr. 11 Canadian Law (with my fave. teacher Mr. Scott!)

Also, Wish me Luck with my vocial festival Feb 26 and 27! I don't like solo preforming so this should be interesting.....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Single Awareness Day!!!!

Yes, Single Awareness Day.... aka, Valentines Day. Yah... *rolls eyes*
You can probably tell I strongly dislike Valentine's Day. Guess what I'm going to do... have a good dinner tonight and brunch with my family, do some homework and then watch the Olympics. No heart shaped chocolates, dozens of roses, jewels or even a suiter for me! NOPE! It's Single Awareness Day tomorrow and I'm going to do the complete opposite of Valentines day just in spite :D No, I'm not jealous, but I mean whats the point? Its a waste of time and money! It's a day to tell your "special someone" that well... they are special. So you waste hundreds of dollars on dinner, or expensive jewellery or roses or chocolate or, or, or....

I think it would be more special if you were giving/given gifts on some random day of the year, instead of expecting them tomorrow! But anyway.... since I'm in the spirit of making Valentine's for my family and YoungER Singers (who LOVED! their heart Valentines) I made a special one for you! I hope the Korean is writen properly, I haven't had much practice! The translation is written in red under the hearts.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Math = Annoying

Nothing says ignoring math homework than a new blog post! And its not even 'homework' ... they are "Practice Questions". Ho Hum....

So I thought I'd make 2 lists ... one of all the things that annoy me and the other of things that make me happy right now :D

Things I find annoying/frustrating:

1. Math homework (I do like math... just not the homework)
2. Having only 3 out of 4 courses and its 2 weeks into the new semester
3. Having to learn German for the Rotary Festival
4. Periods (and not the punctuation kind)
5. The prices of Tampax :P
6. Conceited People
7. People who don't appreciate what they have.
8. Nosey people
9. Hyper children
10. EXTREME Laziness and Selfishness
11. My 'supposed' friend Christopher Button :P
12. Whining/complaining from children, teenagers and/or adults.
13. Really bad excuses.
14. People that want it to be their way all the time.
15. Girls that dress WAAAAYY too provocatively
16. Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber
17. My cat jumping on my dresser every 5 minutes..
18. Immaturity
19. People with little patience
20. Braggers

Things that I find great/amusing:

1. "The Mentalist"
2. "The Vampire Diaries"
3. "GLEE"!
4. Singing
5. Lady Gaga and LIGHTS.
6. "Old fashioned" Disney Movies and music
7. Skinny Jeans
8. My super helpful teachers: Mr. Scott, Mr. Graham, Mrs. Allore, Mrs. Blackthorne, Mrs. Bulmer (when she isn't creeping on me during exams...), and Mr. Harris
9. My friends
10. Aj Fisco the Bass (and him failing to sit in his chair at practice on Wed.)
11. The start of the 2010 Winter Olympics :D Opening Ceremony is on FRIDAY!
12. My new slippers and haircut :)
13. My kitties :)
14. My family (when we are all happy and agreeing)
15. Joseph's Technicolour Dream Coat (or what ever its called).
16. Chris Colfer who plays Kurt in GLEE
17. Reading
18. Drawing and editing pictures
19. YoungER Singers and Random Notes
20. Spastic dancing
21. Ellen DeGeneres
22. "Criminal Minds"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Super Awsome, Slightly Stalkerish Male Hottie List :)

I'm quite fond of making lists :) So I thought I'd make a Male Hottie List! Yahhh!!! Nothing better than hottie's :D And don't tell me because your "in a relationship" you don't go "Yum" ;) You may be "involved" but your not dead... so read and tell me which ones you think are the most awesome :) Guess where I get my information from..... if you said WIKIPEDIA then your right! And people say that it's not accurate.... for looking up famous people it is!

Ryan Reynolds:
Born: Vancouver, Canada :)
Age: 33
Status: As of 2008, married to Scarlett Johansson

Owain Yeoman:
Born: Whales, United Kingdom
Age: 31
Famous for: Wayne Rigsby in The Mentalist
Satatus: As of 2006, married to Lucy Davis

Ian Somerhalder:
Born: Louisiana, United States
Age: 31
Famous for: Boone Carlyle in LOST, Damon Salvator in the Vampire Diaries
Status: SINGLE!

Simon Baker:
Born: Tasmania, Australia
Age: 40
Famous for: The Devil Wears Prada, Patrick Jane in the Mentalist
Status: Married Rebecca Rigg in 1998 ... has 3 children.

Matthew Gray Gubler:
Born: Las Vegas, United States
Age: 29
Famous for: Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds, voice of Simon in Alvin and the Chipmunks
Status: SINGLE!

Paul Wesley
Born: New Jersey, United States
Age: 27
Famous for: Stephan Salvator in Vampire Diaries
Status: SINGLE

Donny Osmond:
Born: Utah, United States
Age: 52
Famous for: Member of the "Osmond Brothers", Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, singing voice of Shang in Mulan (check the song "Make a Man out of you" on the ipod to the right of this post), Winner of Dancing with the Stars 2009,
Status: Married to Debbie Glen in 1978... has 5 sons, 2 grandchildren.
*** I'm not quite sure why some of the pictures aren't cooperating :P

Thursday, February 4, 2010

#14, 37, and 64 on My Mighty Life List....

Oook.... so number's 14, 37 and 64 on my list were:

14. Do whatever I want to my hair! ** I want it thinned, relaxed with a blue streak and BANGS.

37. Successfully tame my
own Furious Mop!

64. Try growing my hair past my shoulders.

Weelll.... I might have accomplished #37 but #14 and 64 will have to wait for a very long while.. Your probably wondering why:

So I have a dance to go to tomorrow and Fun in the Sun (young singers party) on Saturday, and I didn't know what I wanted to do with my hair. So I thought I would straighten it. Whilst I was doing that I noticed that "HEY! Parts of my hair are past my shoulders and others... aren't." So my lovely mother said she would even it out for me and as of 3:15 pm today, I have lost around 3-5 inches of hair. Yup you heard me... 3-5 inches. I have enough to make a wig!



*** Please note that I really don't look like I'm dying in real life... the lighting in the room wasn't great :)

So here's what I've learned about short hair:

  1. You don't need to use so much shampoo and conditioner!
  2. It takes about 5 minutes to wash my hair instead of 20 :)
  3. Its alot easier to untangle... but I still have knotts :P
  4. It won't go into a ponytail...
  5. I won't be needing super thick elastic bands anymore.
  6. I will be using my long forgotten clips
  7. Its now dry and it hasn't evolved into a Exploding Mushroom Cloud Monster!
  8. I will not be using my hair straightener for a while...

So I guess I can cross of #37 on my list! Yippee!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

OOOOoooh Mr. Groundhog :) Can I have your Job?

So! Yesterday was Groundhog Day in Canada and the United States! So I Wikpediad it...
" if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day fails to see its shadow, it will leave the burrow, signifying that winter will soon end. If on the other hand, the groundhog sees its shadow, the groundhog will supposedly retreat into its burrow, and winter will continue for six more weeks."

Now that sounds like my kind of job! Of course there are some people that don't agree... also known as PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals... OOoops! I mean People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals). I totally believe that some things like dog fighting are completely unacceptable but I find PETA a little extreme. For this holiday, they believe that we should use robotic groundhogs and let all the ones we use out into the wild. Um....these groundhogs live in special expits, get fed special food, and are pampared just to hop out of a cage for 2 minutes and have someone check for their shadow! Please someone point me to the signup booth!

Anywaaayyy... since this a very important prediction there are around 20 Groundhogs used. However the most important ones are:
Punxsutawney Phil of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania;
Shubenacadie Sam of Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park, Nova Scotia;
and Wiarton Willie of Wiarton, Bruce County, Ontario.
They all agreed that there would be 6 more weeks of winter :)

Yes.. note the smily face! Canada NEEDS Winter! We are the winter country, and most of it is covered in lovely GREEN GRASS :P Not exactly appropriate for the 2010 Winter Olympics!!! Is that a fail or what? So we better get some snow in the next few days because we have 9 days till the Olympics and I don't think that the skiers would appreciate skiing on grass :P Just saying....

So in conclusion, I LOVE Groundhog day, this year because we need some snow... not pitiful flurries, and I would really like to be Wiarton Willie!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Mighty Life List of 100 Things to Do

I was inspired to write this list by 2 close friends: Luna Pie and Ben and Mary Global Gobblin'. Things in Salmon Colour are going to be completed soon (I hope!) and the things in Magenta are done :) I encourage everyone to try this! None of these tasks are in a particular order:

1. Get past 1 on my 100 things to do list!
2. Create my own blog and blog frequently that way people afar can see my life unfold before their eyes.
3. Travel around the world on a boat ~> important stops include Paris, Greece, Hawaii and Flordia. I thought a raft would be cooler but its not practical.
4. Conquer fear of singing solo in front of people.
5. Eat sushi in Japan.
6. Fall in Love, like for real.
7. Get married and have babies.
8. Make my own dream wedding… that includes the dress :) and Yes, I will be making my own quadruple decor cheesecake Mom!
9. Adopt orphans from foreign countries and give them all the love and nurture they deserve.
10. Buy a ridiculously large mansion too big for myself and open my own non-for profit house for abused mothers with children, children and teens from abusive households, homeless people and sexually confused teens that cannot find support in their own families. Can’t find love in your own house? COME TO MINE!
11. Cook insanely yummy but nutritious meals for myself and my family everyday! Take that Chef Ramsey!
12. Become famous for something good and be interviewed on the Ellen DeGeneres show.
13. Meet Lady Gaga and collaborate with her on a song that’s WAY better than Video Phone. Take That Beyonce!
14. Do whatever I want to my hair! ** I want it thinned, relaxed with a blue streak and BANGS.
15. Overcome every health obstacle in my way.
16. Get a big role in a musical and blow every critic away.
17. Love my ‘nephew’ (Jinu) when I see him and when his is afar. Teach him that his mom and family are the best!
18. Rescue some kitty’s and give them extra love

19.Be Happy all the time.
20.Be happy with my body and fully confident.
21.Learn how to dance, so I won’t fail at every dance I go to.
22. Get a boyfriend.
23. Pass Highschool with Flying Colours; get my diploma and conquer university.
24. Be good at my job.
25. Try to deal with my temper.
26. Try not to feel overwhelming self pity, anger towards laziness, and frustration.

27. Live past 2012 :)
28. Learn to paint and draw… successfully without having to use a stool to make a perfect circle!

29. Fill my House with all MY Artwork.
30. Design my own house, build it and make it my own.
31. Wear clothes that make me look and feel confident
32. Make all the people who hate me or ignore me feel bad when they see my self-confidence.
33. Figure out that the guy I’m interested in is gay BEFORE asking him on a date :P
34. Try not fail around the opposite sex.
35. Get more sleep!
36. Learn what Stephan Harper uses in his hair to make it stay put during the windiest weather. Then buy the product in bulk.
37. Successfully tame my own Furious Mop!
38. Find someone that will do what I want them to do with my hair and not offer ‘suggestions’.
39. Be a teacher in Virtual Learning Center.
40. Give money to homeless people.
41. Try not to be scared around homeless people.
42. Learn Korea so I can communicate with Jinu Lee.
43. Kick the habit of biting my nails permanently!
44. Buy a kick-ass camera and take awesome pictures with it like Brian D. Tucker.
45. Go to South Korea and explore.
46. Become closer to God.
47. Find a cure for the harshest types of Cancer.

48.Meet the man of my dreams. And if he isn’t out there, create him through Science.
49.Write a book from Front to Back without giving up halfway through.
50.Write and illustrate my own children’s book.

51.Get past #50 on my list.
52.Write a movie, musical, or T.V. show that will be a huge hit around the world. It will be way better than Harry Potter, Twilight and Avatar :P
53.Watch and fully understand what’s happening in LOST.

54. Feel confident to wear a bikini to the beach.
55. Collect sand from every beach I visit.
56. Get my own talk show or radio show that people actually enjoy.
57. Guest star on the Mentalist or Vampire Diaries.
58. Invent my own healthy but tasty drink that really does what it says on the label.

59. Stop procrastinating.
60. Learn how to successfully bake cookies.
61. Finish knitting my mom’s blanket.
62. Make a better Key Lime Pie
63. Learn to drive a car that isn’t on Wii or an online game.
64. Try growing my hair past my shoulders.

65. Successfully organize and help run Fun in the Sun.
66. Get my 10 year pin from Young Singers
67. Go to World Youth Day 2011 in Spain :)
68. Learn Martial Arts to defend myself (and make myself feel cool as well)
69. Give myself an extreme makeover and take lots of pictures.
70. Keep and maintain an agenda.
71. Train for and go on a cycling trip.
72. Paint more.
73. Keep my room clean.
74. Keep Motivated.
75. Finish reading Stephan Kings “Dome Day” and start Dan Browns “The Lost Symbol”. 76. Read 500 books not including the 500 I’ve already read :) I’m engaging myself in “The Big Book Challenge” along with Luna Pie.
77. Travel across Canada thoroughly.
78. Figure out how to win poker… working on my poker face might help.
79. Try not to be easily amused with everything. Laughing seems to be very contagious if it’s around me.
80. Figure out how to paddle a canoe successfully! This includes navigating towards OPEN water (not the shore), paddling in the right direction, and NOT tipping the boat after 5 minutes!
81. Rock Climb and go on a Zip Line.
82. Walk in the clouds on the Haliburton Treetop Bridge.
83. Read all my favourite books to my children.
84. Fill a sketch book cover to cover with accomplished works of art.
85. Create a sculpture of clay, metal, beads, junk, heck anything will do!
86. Try to grow more.
87. Conquer my fear of burglars and watch scary movies without hiding during the scary parts.
88. By leg warmers and scarves in every colour of the rainbow.
89. Be Brave.
90. Find a pair of winter boots that I actually really love!
91. Find a belt that fits.
92. Start saving money now when I can.
93. Start the day with a brisk walk with my father… even in the winter!

94. Go swimming in every ocean around the world.
95. Learn how to play the piano (that means actually practicing!)
96. Buy tons of big earrings… enough for all 365 days in the year.
97. Write and perform a song full of meaning, that’s catchy.
98. Edit the photo’s I take with Photoshop and make them look even better.
99. Invent my own flavour of perfume that smells heavenly but not overpowering.
100. Raise my children with reasonability, trust, logical consequences, understanding, care, nurture and unconditional love.
101. And just for good measure … learn not to worry about everything.