Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back to the grind

I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging these past few months. Maybe I'm lazy, or maybe there wasn't anything to write about. Anyhow, I'm back, and hope to post once a week with something inspirational.

So this weeks topic - "Back to the grind":

September is like a start of another year. However, it's now the middle of November and fall is nearing to a close. What have the past few months been like for you? Tough, stressful, exciting, interesting, awful or awe inspiring? For me it has been all of the above. Interesting as I try new things in school, choir, driving and relationships. Exciting as I've encountered new adventures like driving in a snow storm and meeting a close friend from school face-to-face.

But it also has been tough - physically and emotionally. Class have been tougher than ever this semester, which means as a perfectionist, I have been hard on myself to excel. This has paid off in leaps and bounds, which my grade average in the high 80's and 90's where it usually is. But what has that hard work achieved? Sure, good grades means better post-secondary education in terms of schooling and work ethnic. But it has also taken away time from me. This has brought me to an 'early' new years resolution list:
  1. No procrastination
  2. Don't over think assignments
  3. Practice makes perfect
  4. Reward yourself for a job well done
  5. Take breaks!
  6. Don't focus on one thing too long - your brain might implode
  7. Enjoy the fresh air
  8. Don't be afraid to spaz dance once in a while
  9. Let someone else carry the load for a bit
  10. Challenge yourself - take a chance and jump off a cliff (not a real one of course - this is purely a metaphoric example) and who knows, you might fly

So with that, I want to know - how has life been treating you these past few months? What do you think you've learned? Do you have an 'early' new years resolution list? What challenges have you overcome or are going to try?

Have a great week :)