Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blossoms in Bloom... at the Blooms!

So a typical week in Lindsay involves absolutely NO RAIN! Lots of sun.. the occasional warm temperatures but no moisture in the form of drop like precipitation what-so-ever. Of course this weekend it decided to rain.... kinda.

Saturday started out overcast, but it was warm enough to get some outdoor work done. While my parents garden/weeded/cleaned out the garage/built a vegetable garden, I painted my elderly neighbour Lionel Gervis's trellis. At noon he told me to go and have lunch... I started towards my house *insert loud thunder* "BOOOM BOOM RUMMMBLE RUMBLLLLE". Yah! I like thunderstorms! 5 minutes later, torrential downpour .... my mom was very concerned that her plants would be ripped out from the ground then whipped downstream. The rain continued on and off throughout the day.

Sunday, still overcast, and with a pounding headache I went back to Lionel's to finish his trellis. Painting, painting, painting.... few minutes later... rain.... 5 seconds... nothing.... 10 minutes pass... rain.... 5 seconds... nothing.... Well jeez! If you're going to rain at least make it worth your while Mother Nature! Suddenly the sun bursts through the clouds, the cool wind turns into a warm breeze, and summer like weather appears, perfect for taking pictures!

Me painting in my mom's old happy face shirt from ... well.. a long time ago :) I managed to finish the trellis today, got some extra money in my pocket, and lovely paint stained blue jeans :D Skill.

Lionel has a crab apple tree just like the Tuckers! Apparently last year there was a late frost and it didn't blossom; but this year there are trillions of pink blooms! I just had to take pictures!

I've never seen so many blossoms!


Orange Sunset roses

Daisies in my Garden!
Now my budding trees have pink blossoms!

***Also checkout my Public Service Annoucement I did for Media Arts in the video box above this post! Its about weight-based peer pressure girls endure. Thanks :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Ranting and Roaring

Here are my rants about all things I found annoying this week. Please beware, I use Cap Lock on many phrases; this is just my personal opinion. You can agree disagree or whatever but don't critize to much. Thanks :D
1. Things in my house that involve water!
  • First the hot water tank died... but when we got a new one installed there wasn't "sufficient electricity" to warm up the water! So we had 5 days of no hot water to wash ourselves or our clothes :P
  • The plumber said he could install my new toliet and sink at a good price, so we said sounds good. Sink had to be ordered.. ok not a problem, its all good. The lovely blue rust stained toliet I had wasn't installed properly and so they needed to re-install the 'flange' so that the toliet wouldn't leak. Grr..... So I got to sleep on the blow up mattress in the living room for 3 days so I had access to a bathroom. On the upside I was closer to the fridge!
  • Ok so the hot water tank is working, the washer is back where it belongs. All we need is the bill right? WRONG!! I started a load of laundry and went outside. Came back put it in the dryer, started another load... "Hey why is the floor SOAKING WET!? ... Uh oh.... DAD!!!" The drain wasn't put in the washer properly and so when it drained it went on the floor instead of OUTSIDE.
  • Hey well I have a new toliet and sink that works right? WRONG!!! The pipe in the sink split and soaked my carpets I had to cover the freezing cold tile floor. SOOO... back came the plumber.

LOL, it seems everything in this house likes to not co-opperate. The elctrician, carpender and plumber are probably calling all their contacts saying "69 Angeline St. South is a Gold Mine!!! Go there, something is bound to break for you to fix!"

The hot water tank from Simpson Sears, 1970. Yah, it lived a long and fullfilling life :)

I tried getting some photo's of the plumbers working... but I forgot to turn off the flash. Fail... this is the only one I got.

The Horrible blue toliet!

The "flange", whatever the hell that is....

The mess when the plumbers found out the "fail flange"

Where the toliet was...

Where the toliet is :D Like my super cool pedestal sink?

Last part of the bathroom renovation... the "Mouldy Shower of DOOOOM". But to get that fixed it will cost at least $4,000 :S

2. Ok, so Iceland has the Eyjafjallajokull volcano (seriously that's its name... I looked it up) that's spewing large amounts of ash and now steam into the air. Because ash doesn't have moisture in it, it doesn't appear on airplane radars. This ash clogs the propellers and engines of planes .. which would cause them to crash and without radar, a pilot wouldn't know where to go to avoid ash clouds. Hence the reason why airlines in Europe and Canada have postponed most of their flights. What bothers me about this issue is the lack of consideration people have today. They want things and they want them NOW or maybe even YESTERDAY.

  • I watched the news and in Pearson Airport there are people sobbing "I wannna Go HOOOMME. I wannna clean my clothesss. I wanna FLIGHT NOW!". Dude.. CHILL! I mean you should be happy that you're alive on safe and stable ground with shelther, not complaining that your not on a flight heading STRAIGHT TOWARDS PLUMES OF VOLCANIC ASH! I mean really, are you that excited to get back to work from your vacation? Go have fun, take that extra day or so and soak in the sights of the big TO. You have a perfectly good excuse for not being on time for work!
  • Then there are the people complaining about the expensive hotel they are staying in... well how about NOT STAYING IN AN PRICEY HOTEL LADY!!! Geeeeezzz, use your brain, I'm sure you can find a cheaper one somewhere :P But I do see her point. In Europe, airlines are responsible for supplying food and accomidation for their stranded passangers. Here in TO, they say "It's not our problem"... more lack of consideration.
  • Another thing about this situation that bugs me are the headlines of newspapers. The April 20,2010 edition of the Toronto Star said:

"The Great Grounding; did airlines panic? As Europe's airports open and stranded travellers trikle home, some are wondering if teh 5-day crisis was a costly overreaction."

"Air Canada is loosing $3million daily with their grounded flights. Only 3 out of 36 flights to Europe are flying. Air Canada gets $1.7million for Atlantic flights out of their $9.7billion a year. Internationally, airlines are loosing $200million (U.S.) daily with grounded flights which totals to over $1billion. "

I have some issues with that!

  1. An costly overreaction? HELLOO! Would you rather be the airline that lost 200 million dollars by stopping lives or over 200 passangers by continuing flights into clouds of volcanic ash? Hmmm....should I give you time think about that because from the sounds of it, it seems like that is a really tough decision.
  2. Ok, does the world now revolve around money? Ok, so the airline sector is loosing millions of dollars. They would go bankrupt if they flew through ash and crashed. No one would want to use that airline every again!

I mean really, things like this really piss me off (sorry, couldn't think of a more polite way of saying it). All this complaining makes me want to find these people and slap some sense into there noggins... and I'm a pacifist! Grrrrrr......... *steam rises from ears*.

Ok, I'm done having a cow, chicken, bird, goat, duck, frog etc. now :) Do you think I'm being overly sensitive? What's your opinion?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Awesome amid the Awful

This week has been well... awful :P In the picture down below you will see a van from the "Plumbing Medic". They have been here along with the electrician all week! I will tell you about that story with pictures next post! Nothing says "FUN!" then no hot water and leaks! But because its been so nice out and my parents have been working hard in the garden I thought I just show off some pretty pictures of AWESOME I took:

New garden and edging my dad and mom did.

Flower pots and flag stone path courtesy of my parental unit as well :)

ROBIN!!! She has found a nice spot under our roof to lay her eggs :D

Bridal Spirea

Below are pics of budding treees!

Hope you all have a nice weekend! I will write about Awful next week, once I'm done my homework!
** New video of new favourite song of mine above this post! Check it out! Or listen... cause ears listen better then check... checking is for eyes... although you can do both if you want :) I will try posting a new video each week for your enjoyment, so please comment about them as well!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Life List Update :)

So it think I can cross off a few things on my life list!
Here are the things I have done:

#65. Successfully organize and help run Fun in the Sun.
#75. Finish reading Stephan Kings “Dome Day” and start Dan Browns “The Lost Symbol”.
#93. Start the day with a brisk walk with my father… even in the winter! (mind you we walk in the mall... )

and part of #14 Do whatever I want to my hair! ** I want it thinned, relaxed with a blue streak and BANGS.

I Have Bangs! I straightened my hair today because I was curious on what short, straight hair looked like on me. Some of the pieces are short enough for side bangs! Is this considered SKILL? I think so! So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Compair it too my curly hair on the side bar --> which do you prefer?

And yes, for those who are extremely curious, I am wearing my nightshirt :D Its 9:52 pm and I was really excited, so I took some pictures and made this blog post. My mom isn't too fond of the bangs... so they probably won't stay...LOL. But it was worth a try aye!?

On another note, please pray for my mommy, she's been VIOLENTLY ill the past two days. Everything she has eaten has been porgectiled out one end or the other :P She did managed to keep some tea, toast, and white rice down for dinner tonight. Thanks bunches!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!! Happy Spring!!

The Locks of Lindsay

The Old Mill in Lindsay

Spring Has Arrived! Weather here has been in the high 20's (Celsius that is!)

Its also Easter!!

"Easter is not a time for groping through dusty, musty tomes or tombs to disprove spontaneous generation or even to prove life eternal. It is a day to fan the ashes of dead hope, a day to banish doubts and seek the slopes where the sun is rising, to revel in the faith which transports us out of ourselves and the... dead past into the vast and inviting unknown."
~Author unknown, as quoted in the Lewiston Tribune

Lent and fasting is now over, and I have the freedom to eat whatever I want without feeling too guilty... :) I gave up my "stinky soup", (Thai Soups) so dubbed by my dear mother (how detests anything spicy), which I got hooked on thanks to a lovely Sarah Tucker! I can't wait to open up a package!! After a 29 hour fast last weekend, and a two day fast for Good Friday and Holy Saturday, I thought it would be very fitting to talk about yummy food combinations:

  • sushi and soy sauce
  • broccoli and cheese
  • ham and pineapple
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • toast and butter
  • tea with milk and sugar
  • cookies and chocolate chips
  • ice cream and mint chocolate
  • chips and dip
  • apples and caramel sauce
  • vegetables and Mrs. dash (LOL)
  • Thai and soup
  • vegetable soup and toast
  • spinach, oranges, almonds, onions, olives and raspberry vinaigrette dressing = SALAD
  • noodles and tomato sauce
  • hamburger and the WORKS
  • olives, peperoni, onions, pineapple, ham = PIZZA
  • tuna and cheese
  • popcorn and butter
  • chocolate and almonds
  • Chinese and food
  • Indian and food

Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter full of overindulgence!!