Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blossoms in Bloom... at the Blooms!

So a typical week in Lindsay involves absolutely NO RAIN! Lots of sun.. the occasional warm temperatures but no moisture in the form of drop like precipitation what-so-ever. Of course this weekend it decided to rain.... kinda.

Saturday started out overcast, but it was warm enough to get some outdoor work done. While my parents garden/weeded/cleaned out the garage/built a vegetable garden, I painted my elderly neighbour Lionel Gervis's trellis. At noon he told me to go and have lunch... I started towards my house *insert loud thunder* "BOOOM BOOM RUMMMBLE RUMBLLLLE". Yah! I like thunderstorms! 5 minutes later, torrential downpour .... my mom was very concerned that her plants would be ripped out from the ground then whipped downstream. The rain continued on and off throughout the day.

Sunday, still overcast, and with a pounding headache I went back to Lionel's to finish his trellis. Painting, painting, painting.... few minutes later... rain.... 5 seconds... nothing.... 10 minutes pass... rain.... 5 seconds... nothing.... Well jeez! If you're going to rain at least make it worth your while Mother Nature! Suddenly the sun bursts through the clouds, the cool wind turns into a warm breeze, and summer like weather appears, perfect for taking pictures!

Me painting in my mom's old happy face shirt from ... well.. a long time ago :) I managed to finish the trellis today, got some extra money in my pocket, and lovely paint stained blue jeans :D Skill.

Lionel has a crab apple tree just like the Tuckers! Apparently last year there was a late frost and it didn't blossom; but this year there are trillions of pink blooms! I just had to take pictures!

I've never seen so many blossoms!


Orange Sunset roses

Daisies in my Garden!
Now my budding trees have pink blossoms!

***Also checkout my Public Service Annoucement I did for Media Arts in the video box above this post! Its about weight-based peer pressure girls endure. Thanks :)


Charlene said...

Great pix!!
Lionel's fence looks ever so much better too.
Yep that's my happy face T gee it's sure time to retire it as about 10 yrs old.

Mary said...

Yes, fantastic pictures Becky!

luna pie said...

Awwwww, beautiful! I love spring!!