Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Are Beautiful Public Service Announcement

Here is my Public Service Announcement for Media Arts. It was suppose to be between 30-60 seconds long... I sucessfully made it exactly a minute long :) Sorry the screen is small!

The pictures of the little children are my YoungER Singers.. the 6-8 year-old choir that I help with to get my volunteer hours. The other pictures are my friends from Random Notes. I edited the music and video by myself (I feel very proud that I mastered the Window's Video Maker). No Copy Right Intended!

See below for my blog post!


Charlene said...

WOW!! Great idea awsome job. Wish it was bigger

sivahami christa said...

This was GREAT.
i love it.
BTW. send me the pic of Caroline & I . i think its CUTE :)