Monday, May 31, 2010


OMG! School will be over in 5 more weeks! HALLELUJAH! I mean I love school, but I don't have time to do anything but school right now! But anyway... I am making time to do a 20/20 project created by Sarah!

My project will go as follows:

Part 1: Successfully cook 20 recipies and then post a how to blog post every Sunday with pictures! I will also post how unsuccessful I was too.... I have a tendency to make the worst damn cookies in the world, and that's one thing I want to try ......

Part 2: Get up to 20 situps in a row without stopping inbetween. I hoping this will shrink and strengthen my tummy (it has been a bit on the puffy side since last years surgery).

So I will make a post about my first 'dish' later on this week, once I have found my head and screwed it back into place! Right now I think it's running from my math test screaming :D


luna pie said...

Excellent Becky, I am so looking forward to seeing and possibly even trying out your recipes! :) I think a good cook is an adventurous one, and you certainly are adventurous with your food, always have been!!!

Thanks for taking part in this project, and I really look forward to dish #1!!!

luna pie said...
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luna pie said...

PS. ... Charlene?? How is your project coming???