Friday, May 7, 2010

A Stitch In Time/ Homework :S

So for last weeks homework in "Fashion and Creative Expression" we had to design a window display :D I like to knit and have a vast variety of wools/yarns, so I made a display for my wool shop "A Stitch in Time".

This display is advertising a Mother's Day Special on baby blanket classes and materials. Yes, I did knit the blankets on the left and right side by myself :) The one in the middle came from a close friend of my Mom's and it went with the colour theme. Can anyone guess what the colour theme is?? For my artsy friends this should be a breeeeze!

In the next two weeks we will actually be designing a store!!! Mine will be a yarn store, and I'll be re-doing the window display for bonus marks (because I'm not satisfied with my 95%) LOL!
This whole thing has gotten me in a mood to actually create my own shop! Right now I'm trying to make 4 scarves for my friends who I will see at camp at the end of August! But I've been thinking, now that I've finished my mothers blanket (Yah!), why not make things for others? Soooo... if you are interested in a form of knitwear, give me a shout out and I will see what I can do! I'll post my new window display next week sometime!

Speaking of homework, math is a pain in my ASSthma :P Lovely Mrs. Bulmer has been teaching high school math for 23 years (my mom and my Media Arts teacher Mrs. Blackthorn say Mrs. Bulmer is either insane or a computer in a human likeness) and this week she decided to give us a math test on Monday (I got 80%!) plus a Unit task due Wed. that covered all we learned in Module's 3 - 6. YAH FUN, nothing like a Unit task due the day I'm busy from 1:30-11:30pm to make the week bright and sunny! The game took 4 hours to do 4 questions :P We had a lot of difficulties:

• I chose this task because it seemed the easiest, but being in a virtual atmosphere made this task the hardest! I first had to send out 2 class emails asking for people to join my group and only 4 people replied late Tuesday morning! I explained in the email that I couldn’t work on Wed. so waiting for a reply was stressful because I was wasting time waiting for replies.
• Melissa, Jonah and I managed to all find a time to meet in Online Office at 2:30. However, only I could talk with my microphone; we wasted a few minutes trying to figure out why everyone else’s wasn’t working
• Mike Wills joined us, and although he managed to make his 10 questions quickly he had to leave for work.
• Melissa and Jonah did and I had done 1 each of my questions so we kept those and we continued on just the 3 of us, at around quarter to 4.
• However VLC encountered some glitches and kept freezing us in the online office! So at 4:30ish we gave up having completed 2 questions total and were in the middle of number 3.
• I factored quickly and completed 4, but one of my questions was from Mike. Since he wasn’t going to do this task in the end, we had to re-start the game. I finished the third question from Jonah and have 6 points. Jonah has 5 and Melissa has 10.
• Another thing I noticed is that Jonah and Melissa didn’t understand that if the question isn’t factorable, then they needed to change the constant and/or the coefficients to make the equation factorable. We wasted a lot of time explaining to each other that just because the equation isn’t factorable doesn’t mean that your done that equation… you need to change it to make it factorable!
• We couldn’t finish the game today/Wednesday because we are all busy and we have tons of other homework! For instance, I'm always busy from 1:30-11:30PM on Wednesday’s with all day voice and choir. So we are handing in what we managed to complete, the issues we had, and how we could do this better if we get another chance.

I haven't gotten my mark yet.... but she is a really nice teacher so I'm not tooo concerned, I have 90% right now :D

Speaking of marks, here is what I got on my mid-term report card (my comments about the teachers comments are in brackets):

Gr. 10 Media Arts Open ~ 97%

Comments: Excellent participation in on-line chats. Great work with your assignments - they demonstrate thorough knowledge of the medium and creative flair! (My mark dropped, it was 100% last year before I got sick... not that I'm complaining! Also, I have creative flair.. Oh Yah!)

Gr. 10 Mathematics Academic ~ 90%

Comments: Excellent work Rebecca! You are a responsible student. (Yes I am! I want to pass with at least an 80 so..)

Gr. 11 Fashion and Creative Expression Open ~ 95%

Comments: Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off! (Really? Because I have yet to see a marked assignment back yet... and the semester is almost over :P Teacher Fail? I think so...)

Gr. 11 Canadian Law Open ~ 95%

Comments: Top Mark in Class! Rebecca combines excellent research with great understanding of course material. Keep it up!! ( OOOOH YAH!! SKILL!!! HAhAHAhahah!)


In the next few weeks I will be posting up my favourite Glee videos/songs! Check them out! The songs will get stuck in your head .. guaranteed!

First one up: Physical ~ Starring Olivia Newton-John and Jane Lynch

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Charlene said...

Who else but you would want bonus marks with 95%!!

Awesome window display ~~ a lot of thought went into it and the blanket Betty Bodis (blind lady now deceased) fits in with the colour theme perfectly.

Hope your heart rates have returned to normal state now that stress about the joint Math crap is over with.

Love ya bunches MOM