Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's All in a Day's Work!

So... how was your Thursday and Friday? Mine was pretty busy, and I didn't even leave the house!

Thursday morning I was up bright and early..ish (8:35 to be specific) and made tea. Then I ran around the house looking for knitted things for my window display that I never got the time to do on the weekend. It was nice and sunny out thankfully so I could use our big window in the front room for good lighting conditions. So at around 8:45 I burst into the front room loaded with wool and other knitting paraphernalia and proceeded to dump it all on the floor, disturbing my father's who was peacefully reading the morning newspaper. The conversation went something like this:

"Hey Dad"
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Making a window display."
"Oh.. ok" *continues reading*

We have a large window that looks onto a widely used street; and it was around the time that kids headed to school... the elementary school is about two houses up from us, and the high school is about 10 blocks down from us. So here I was hanging sweaters and moving ottomans to make my layout in front of the big, nicely lit window.... in my teddy bear nightgown. Yah, I'm just that cool!

Making the display took about half and hour of rearranging, positioning, getting the darn cat out from behind the drapes and of course, figuring out how the drapes actually worked:
"Dad, do these drapes work?"
"Yes of course" *flips paper*
"Um... they aren't closing"
"Did you pull the cord?"
"What cord?"
"The cord over there..." *points to the cord behind the drapes on the right hand side*
"Oooh, they work with a cooord!" *insert Dad shaking head*

Yah, my brain doesn't function tooo well at 9am apparently.

Soo after figuring out how to take a good picture (they kept turning out dark... apparently there's a way to turn on the flash when there was enough light in the room to blind you ... the setting is called 'Back light' for "when the light is behind the object".) this is what my second display looks like:

Hopefully my classmates will understand that I have a wool/knitting store; apparently the sign about knitting blankets and the skeins of yarn wasn't a big enough hint and the baby dolls confused them because they thought I was selling toys and Disney plushies for small children (FAIL!).

After putting back everything and vacuuming, I ran downstairs and finished my fashion report... which took about.....3 hours :S We had to comment on 5 other displays from our classmates (in depth comments that don't involve "Oh hey that looks cool"), make a name and sign for our store (that was fun) and then find five unique items (with links) that we would sell in our store. My store was all about specializing in the customers needs so my items were:

1. Knitting/Crocheting Classes (ranging from beginners to advanced)

2. The ability to sell customers products: not only could my customers get their supplies at my store, if they make more projects then they could use, they could also sell them in my shop and we could split the proceeds. This allows me to have a wide variety of things to sell besides just yarn and needles such as sweaters, scarves, shawls and hats!

3. Hand spun and dyed wool: by spinning and dying my own yarn/wool I can provide my customers with a wider selection and a cheaper price!

4. Specialty wools and yarns: I can offer my customers are rarer types/textiles of wools and yarns such as metallic, recycled silk, angora (rabbit), rayon (made of tree pulp), eyelash, and neon colours

5. Custom made items: I want to appeal to the customer, so I also offer custom made pieces. The customer can select their item (i.e. scarf or blanket), wool texture (soft for a baby blanket or eyelash for a scarf), colour and pattern and I would make it for them.

(right now I'm making 4 custom scarves for my friends at camp and a squid plushie for my Media Arts teacher)

6. Special Knitting Looms: Sometimes hand knitting is too difficult to learn for some people or some customers would like a method that would provide a smoother finished product (there are two kinds rectangular and circular)

Once that was done, I had a nap, watched the news for my media arts homework, watched Vampire Diaries season finale, played some online Scrabble with my mom, watched CSI and the Mentalist and then bed!

Friday I did the dishes, made tea and had some breakfast while my parental unit went mall walking. Then I went to my Law class and my Fashion class. After lunch (CHICKEN WINGS!) I finished my Law :) Nap, then finished my Media Arts which took a very long time :S Tooo many questions on the chart! Then made pancakes for dinner (I'm the only one who knows how and they didn't turn into failcakes or flatjacks! They were actually fluffy and tasty). Then watched Ghost Whisper, Medium and bed!

Now to watch 4 more math investigations... yah... riveting :P Monday I'm heading to the big (and super polluted) TO (Toronto) for a Fashion field trip! YAHHHH!!!! I will post pics sooon!

New video, Glee version of Run Joey Run (it is mirrored for some reason...) :D


Anonymous said...

So you think that brain of yours works better after noon hour!!
Love your ideas for the store.
NOT really looking forward to a day in polution filled TO but hearing about your adventures is something I'll treasure.


luna pie said...

I can't knit to save my life. Not that I've ever had to or will ever have to actually KNIT TO SAVE MY LIFE. What a stupid comment, Sarah.... rewind. Hahahah.
When I read your account about failjacks, I thought about the time when I added like baby powder or something instead of baking powder to our muffins.
I am happy to say I've come a looooong way as a cook since then!

Love you!!!

Mary said...

Hi Becky

Sorry I haven't commented in a while--the Internet here (currently in Cambodia) is garbage.

Loved reading this blog entry.

You sound very busy these days!

Hope you're well. xoxo