Sunday, May 9, 2010

Love or Dislike... Don't Hate!

Today is the day to love mothers, so:

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Love is the opposite of hate, (well duh!). But both words evoke strong emotions in use. Those emotions can be fiery, passionate, cold, or gentle. God is love, so is hate the root of all evil.

Hate is a strong word. I used to say things like “I hate Miley Cyrus!” … I don’t hate her because I don’t know her. I like a few of her songs, I just don’t like the image she is portraying sometimes. However, I don’t hate her. The one thing you can hate is hate itself. Hatred equals too many things people have to suffer that they shouldn't: prejudice, discrimination, poverty, bulling, selfishness, avoidance, labeling, the withholding of love, and the rejection of rights and freedoms that people take for granted (just to name a few). For example, around the world, homosexual’s are hated because they are different; people fear that the “normal” lifestyle will change. And so, homosexual’s are being discriminated by society and government. People use hate to feel powerful, they use hate to put down the things they fear the most. So the next time you start to put the word “hate” into a sentence, stop and think why you are putting it there. Do you really hate it or just dislike it? Is there a reason to hate it? If not, then don’t hate, it’s not necessary.

Please scroll down for posts you might have missed, and don't forget to comment! I like to hear feed back! I apologize if I don't comment on your posts, unfortunately after I read your blogs I don't have anything 'good' to say. It usually sounds over used like "Oh Love the pictures" and not very inspirational! So please know that I love every post you guys write! I check your blogs everyday to see if there's anything new, but unfortunately, I can never think of anything awesome to write as a comment! Lots of love to you!


luna pie said...

Miss B ~ Excellent writing - you are wise beyond your years.
And, I know the feeling, sometimes I can't think of anything fabulous to say at the end of someone's posts, but just a quick comment to let people know you are reading is always appreciated. Even if it IS one of those "love the pics!" :)

Let's skype this week, I will sign onto my computer each night and see if you are around. You can test your video cam, and see me and Jinu. Kapeesh???

Love you!

Charlene said...

Awesome post from one so wise.

PS:A simple hello or I love you will let folks know you read their blogs!

Mary said...

I'm reading, Becky. I agree with Sarah and your mom that you are most definitely wise beyond your years.

Thinking of you.