Friday, April 16, 2010

Awesome amid the Awful

This week has been well... awful :P In the picture down below you will see a van from the "Plumbing Medic". They have been here along with the electrician all week! I will tell you about that story with pictures next post! Nothing says "FUN!" then no hot water and leaks! But because its been so nice out and my parents have been working hard in the garden I thought I just show off some pretty pictures of AWESOME I took:

New garden and edging my dad and mom did.

Flower pots and flag stone path courtesy of my parental unit as well :)

ROBIN!!! She has found a nice spot under our roof to lay her eggs :D

Bridal Spirea

Below are pics of budding treees!

Hope you all have a nice weekend! I will write about Awful next week, once I'm done my homework!
** New video of new favourite song of mine above this post! Check it out! Or listen... cause ears listen better then check... checking is for eyes... although you can do both if you want :) I will try posting a new video each week for your enjoyment, so please comment about them as well!


Charlene said...

AWSOME pics & music
Yes Becky I really do love the words & tune to todays music!!
Hope Mom Robin has babies & that you are able to capture a feeding or two.

luna pie said...

Lovely buds Beck, and nice work on the garden Charlene and Graham! Looks like you guys have had some great weather lately.

I'm looking forward to taking steps along that path this summer!!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Becky,
Happy Day to you.
Well, your pararamic view of AWESOME is indeed AWESOME, grin. You are a great photographer! Superb pictures.
WOW the work your folks have done on your yard is fantastic. I'm guessing that you ended up having a hand or two in the process somewhere along the line.
Glad you've got some before and after pictures. At the rate you all are going on that lawn, you won't have anything to remember how it was when you arrived on the scene!
Hope you're able to get more pictures of your resident Robin when her babies hatch. Then you can also let us know how it feels to be a grandmother, lol.
Nice job you did on your Mom's hair, btw. (Hope you get that blue streak you're wanting....I hear-tell they have temp color now...or hey, you could model some silly string in various colors...yuck, I know, NOT the same....but hey, at least you could test it out and see if you like the color as much as in your dreams!
I hear-tell that after all the AWEFUL (not to be confused with Awe-filled, grin) you DID end up with a new toilet and sink! Hope they help make the disaster and lack of hot water a distant memory.
Take Good Care.
Hope you have a splendid day,
Ms Lu