Thursday, February 11, 2010

Math = Annoying

Nothing says ignoring math homework than a new blog post! And its not even 'homework' ... they are "Practice Questions". Ho Hum....

So I thought I'd make 2 lists ... one of all the things that annoy me and the other of things that make me happy right now :D

Things I find annoying/frustrating:

1. Math homework (I do like math... just not the homework)
2. Having only 3 out of 4 courses and its 2 weeks into the new semester
3. Having to learn German for the Rotary Festival
4. Periods (and not the punctuation kind)
5. The prices of Tampax :P
6. Conceited People
7. People who don't appreciate what they have.
8. Nosey people
9. Hyper children
10. EXTREME Laziness and Selfishness
11. My 'supposed' friend Christopher Button :P
12. Whining/complaining from children, teenagers and/or adults.
13. Really bad excuses.
14. People that want it to be their way all the time.
15. Girls that dress WAAAAYY too provocatively
16. Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber
17. My cat jumping on my dresser every 5 minutes..
18. Immaturity
19. People with little patience
20. Braggers

Things that I find great/amusing:

1. "The Mentalist"
2. "The Vampire Diaries"
3. "GLEE"!
4. Singing
5. Lady Gaga and LIGHTS.
6. "Old fashioned" Disney Movies and music
7. Skinny Jeans
8. My super helpful teachers: Mr. Scott, Mr. Graham, Mrs. Allore, Mrs. Blackthorne, Mrs. Bulmer (when she isn't creeping on me during exams...), and Mr. Harris
9. My friends
10. Aj Fisco the Bass (and him failing to sit in his chair at practice on Wed.)
11. The start of the 2010 Winter Olympics :D Opening Ceremony is on FRIDAY!
12. My new slippers and haircut :)
13. My kitties :)
14. My family (when we are all happy and agreeing)
15. Joseph's Technicolour Dream Coat (or what ever its called).
16. Chris Colfer who plays Kurt in GLEE
17. Reading
18. Drawing and editing pictures
19. YoungER Singers and Random Notes
20. Spastic dancing
21. Ellen DeGeneres
22. "Criminal Minds"

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with annoying folks!! such as Chris S & his folks :P