Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Super Awsome, Slightly Stalkerish Male Hottie List :)

I'm quite fond of making lists :) So I thought I'd make a Male Hottie List! Yahhh!!! Nothing better than hottie's :D And don't tell me because your "in a relationship" you don't go "Yum" ;) You may be "involved" but your not dead... so read and tell me which ones you think are the most awesome :) Guess where I get my information from..... if you said WIKIPEDIA then your right! And people say that it's not accurate.... for looking up famous people it is!

Ryan Reynolds:
Born: Vancouver, Canada :)
Age: 33
Status: As of 2008, married to Scarlett Johansson

Owain Yeoman:
Born: Whales, United Kingdom
Age: 31
Famous for: Wayne Rigsby in The Mentalist
Satatus: As of 2006, married to Lucy Davis

Ian Somerhalder:
Born: Louisiana, United States
Age: 31
Famous for: Boone Carlyle in LOST, Damon Salvator in the Vampire Diaries
Status: SINGLE!

Simon Baker:
Born: Tasmania, Australia
Age: 40
Famous for: The Devil Wears Prada, Patrick Jane in the Mentalist
Status: Married Rebecca Rigg in 1998 ... has 3 children.

Matthew Gray Gubler:
Born: Las Vegas, United States
Age: 29
Famous for: Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds, voice of Simon in Alvin and the Chipmunks
Status: SINGLE!

Paul Wesley
Born: New Jersey, United States
Age: 27
Famous for: Stephan Salvator in Vampire Diaries
Status: SINGLE

Donny Osmond:
Born: Utah, United States
Age: 52
Famous for: Member of the "Osmond Brothers", Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, singing voice of Shang in Mulan (check the song "Make a Man out of you" on the ipod to the right of this post), Winner of Dancing with the Stars 2009,
Status: Married to Debbie Glen in 1978... has 5 sons, 2 grandchildren.
*** I'm not quite sure why some of the pictures aren't cooperating :P


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmm nice list I'll take Donny & Paul.

Mary said...

Like you, I also love lists and I especially love this list.

I'd have to choose Ryan Reynolds as my number one choice. And I'm really wondering where DONNY came from?! no, no, no, no, no. hehe. I'm not seeing it.

But I'd like to know what you think of:

1. Jake Gyllenhaal
2. Matt Damon
3. Brad Pitt
4. McDreamy and McSteamy from Grey's
5. George Clooney

My memory is not serving me right now and that's all I've got.

What about a female Hottie List. I could think of plenty! Think about it, Becky.

Bexzter said...

Ok... so Donny Osmond came in because I really like his singing voice :) LOL

And I think the only other male that I like would be Jake Gylenhaal... or Matt Damon. I like George Clooney but not for this list and definitley not Brad Pitt!

luna pie said...

Hmmmm... I dunno, some cuties for sure, but I like me some Lenny Kravitz and Hugh Jackman. :)