Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I finally got my report card in the mail! I mean really... I took the last exam on Feb. 1st and I got my R.C. on the 22 (Monday). Wow 3 whole weeks! Apparently they misplaced some of the proctor forms. A proctor is someone that watches you as you complete the final exam to make sure your not cheating; they have to sign a form to confirm they were your proctor. My first proctor for the Science exam, Mrs. Bulmer (who is now my Math teacher!) looked at every sheet of paper in my notebook to make sure I didn't have anynotes and watched me as I typed my answers! CREEEPER! OMG, she made me really nervous (not that I wasn't already.. I means eeeek! Exams :P)! The other proctors sat beside their computers throughout the whole exam ....

Anyway, so these are the marks for Semester 1 after final exams:

Gr. 10 Civics ~> 95%
Gr. 10 Careers ~> 96%
Gr. 10 Science ~> 86% (I didn't like the exam... I had 91% going into it..)
Gr. 9 Math ~> 87% (OMG I got a higher mark in Math than Science!)
Gr. 11 Parenting ~> 97%!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

If your wondering, Careers and Civics are mandatory half credit courses... they only last half of a semester each.

So all in all, a very successful Semester! Now to tackle Gr. 10 Media Arts, Gr. 10 Math (I have a test tomorrow in it :P), Gr.11 Fashion and Creative Expression (as opposed to Uncreative expression....? We might be having a field trip to the Big TO in March because our teacher has fashion connections!) and Gr. 11 Canadian Law (with my fave. teacher Mr. Scott!)

Also, Wish me Luck with my vocial festival Feb 26 and 27! I don't like solo preforming so this should be interesting.....


Mary said...

Amazing set of marks, Becky! HOLY! Congrats.

Charlene said...

Wishing you the best of luck in the 4 songs @ Music Festival.

Love & Monster hugs,