Sunday, March 14, 2010

Artistic and Creative Expression.... As opposed to Uncreative Expression

This weekend was the start to Daylights Savings time! Hurray for loosing an hour of sleep :P But on the bright side, this is a sure sign of Spring! All of the snow I showed you has melted! Our lawns are green and slightly flooded due to all the rain and meltage. Weather has been quite warm the past week, all we need is a lite jacket and sneakers! Good Ol' sneakers! Here is some artsy/homework stuff to brighten your day as well!
I am most definitely an amateur artist! But here's some stuff I've been working on in pastels! Below are pictures I've drawn plus the description if I have one:

"The World Is All Connected"
Showing how fire (sun), water, earth (plants) and air (sky) are all one.

Kinda self explanatory .... a rose and some lilies.

"I don't Know..."
Quite Literally, I'm not sure what this is but I like it.

Teapot and flower :) I'm quite fond of this drawing.

I've been having alot of fun in my Gr. 10 Media Arts class; here is one of my best homework assignments (I have 100% so I guess all of my assignments are 'the best'....) that I thought you might like:

Module #3 ~> Newspaper Article: We were told to take a nursery rhyme and change the events into a short article; I chose the "Three Little Pigs". I do realize that there was no Friday the 13th this year; I wrote this last year but dropped out of Media Arts when I got sick. I re-submitted it this year with the same dates but different year:

The Mother Goose Times! Bedtime Story Land's #1 Newspaper!
Tuesday February 23, 2010; Chance of 15 cm of snow! High of -5°C

Justice Once Again for the Pigg Brothers!
How the Falling Economy played into One Man’s desperate Revenge!

By Becca Bloom
Crime Reporter

Last night, the Bedtime Story Land regional police solved their “Friday the 13th” arson case. The arsonist nicknamed “The Skunk” was caught yesterday evening when the eldest Pigg Brother, George saw the villain fall not so gracefully through the skylight of his brick mansion while arriving home from work. When police arrived they saw the culprit - whose real name is Mr. Joshua Wolfe - unconscious on the kitchen floor, and rushed him to St. Chin Hospital. Doctors later confirmed that Mr. Wolfe had fainted from the pain in his left hand, which was burned by a pot of water Mr. Pigg’s housekeeper was boiling.
This is just one of three arsons for the Pigg Brothers, the first happening on Friday, February 13 2010 and the second a week later. Christian Pigg’s (the youngest brother of the prestigious Pigg Law Firm) newly built house made of eco-friendly straw plaster was set alight at midnight on Friday the 13th, and quickly became a 4 alarm blaze. No sooner was that investigation put underway; when on Friday February 20th; Nolan Pigg’s log cabin was burned to the ground. Although no one was hurt, police later discovered that in both fires the Pigg Brother’s houses were doused in an unidentifiable flammable chemical that gave off a pungent smell of skunk, and all the valuables were stolen (like their laptops and wife’s jewellery). Mr. Wolfe’s last attack at the Pigg Brothers came to a crashing and very unexpected end, when trying to get into the house, he toppled through Mr. George Pigg’s kitchen skylight.
Now why did Joshua Wolfe go to such lengths to hurt the Pigg Brothers? In a statement from his lawyer, “Mr. Wolfe wanted the Pigg family to understand what it feels like to have everything taken away from them in an instant”. It turns out Mr. Wolfe was formerly employed by the Pigg Law firm, but because of the economic times was laid off. Although this doesn’t seem like a big deal, Joshua Wolfe lost all his benefits, insurance and source of income. Like the old saying goes “desperate times call for desperate measures” Mr. Wolfe thought that his only salvation was to do to others as they did to him. At a press conference this morning BSL’s chief of police said that Mr. Wolfe will be charged with breaking and entering, possession of stolen property and arson once he has recovered from his injuries.

I've been doing alot of video/movie watching. Here are my Top Picks! Check back for more, I'm going to be doing alot of movie watching this March Break!
1. The Curious Case of Benjiman Button (Great overall Love Story. Really sad in sections!)
2. Food Inc. (This Documentary will change your views! FIND OUT WHERE YOUR FOOD IS COMING FROM!)
3. 2012 (In my opinion pretty epic acting, storyline and special effects. Wish I saw it in 3D at the theaters. Doesn't follow the actual theory about the 2012 apocolyspe but its still good. Made me cry when some of the charectors died)
4. Young Artists for Haiti (Canadian artists singing Wavin' Flag by K'naan)
5. We are the World, 25 for Haiti (International Singers sing Micheal Jackson's We are the World)


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