Monday, April 2, 2012

Organizing your Organization

My goal going into reinstating my blog is to get at least one post out a week. Well here we are; it’s been a week already and a nasty one at that. For the past while, I have struggled with a mysterious illness. Symptoms include exhaustion, nausea and migraines. A trip to the doctors and even some blood work brought up NOTHING unusual. After explaining that I have not been sleeping (I think I got about 8 hours max this weekend :S) my doctor told me to contact a sleep test clinic.

Of course with various trips to and from medical facilities, I got behind on school work. This weekend I completed a history essay, mid-term test and two chem assignments to catch up. It got me thinking, how do people handle these sudden elements of stress?
When life throws out an unexpected curveball, what do you do to balance the load without pulling out your hair?

For me, I use lists. Lists and posted notes reminding me of things that need to get done. When I was homeschooled, my mom made me write down due dates for the week in a special binder. I tasked that II strongly loathed. However, now that I have a busy schedule, I find it’s always good to have everything laid out. I even have a small list of possible blog posts ;)

You hear about two different types of mentalities. There are some people that need structure in each element of their life. There are others that prefer to “live in the moment”. I believe that I am a bit of both. Everything for me needs to be planned out in advance, or otherwise I will most likely forget. However, I don’t mind an added boost of spontaneity. Without it, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go see the Hunger Games twice with two good friends. Of course, when agreeing to have a social life, I need to ensure that my priorities are taken care of first.

Therefore, I consider myself a person that is chaotically organized. How about you?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Beck! Glad you are back to blogging again. :) In the past I would say that I had very little organization, but these days I literally have no choice. It's only way to live without feeling like you're gonna looooose your mad mental mind!
Hope to see you soon, let's put it on our TO DO lists!
Sarah Tee